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Cliffs - one of the most remarkable natural appearances on Kornati are the cliffs on a row of islands of Lower Kornati, which look on an open sea. The highest kliffs are on an island Klobučar, Mana, Raąip Veli. Underwater extensions of cliffs at some poitns reach the depth of 100 meters. Vela Ploča or Magazinova ąkrila and sightessing spot Metlina - Vela Ploča is 9100 square meters big naked limestone sheet under Metlina, the highest peak of Kornat.
The fort Tureta and church Gospa od Tarca - on island Kornat, Tarac bay, once the centre of life in that area - Tureta is considered of being founded in 6th century, with a purpose to protect and follow the navigation of ships on, then, dangerous and unsafe Adriatic. Church Gospa od Tarca was built on remains of old christian church from 16th century. Venetian castle and a sightseeing spot towards an open sea - an island Vela Panitula - the fort from the beginning of 16th century.
Mala Proversa - an interesting shallow channel between Dugi otok and Katine islands - in the sea the noticeable remains of a 90 meters long Roman building, which in Roman times was above the sea level. Stone field walls - Kornati have been divided by hundreds of meters of stone walls, which were built to keep the properties safe and preventing the sheep from crossing from one property to another. The length of these walls on Kornat island is 70 kilometers
National park Kornati
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