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With its 152 islands, islets and cliffs, the Kornati islands are the most indented archipelago in the whole of Mediterranean. Due to extraordinary beautiful landscapes, great indentedness and a rich marine flora and fauna, a part of the archipelago became a national park. The Kornati islands are not permanently populated. What you can find there is mostly farmland belonging to residents of the island of Murter, who have fished, grown olives, vine and kept sheep there for centuries. The fishermen's houses have been turned into comfortable accommodation for people looking for peace and quiet, for those who want to be surrounded by nature, for those who would like to experience life of the old days in this bare landscape. There are houses all around the archipelago. In some of the bays there is only one house, in some of them there are several and in the largest village on the Kornati islands, there are 50 houses. There are no roads, only tracks you can take long walks on. There are no ferry boats going to the islands, you can get there only by your own (or our!) boats. There are shops in only a few of the bays, but there are more of the restaurants and fishermen's taverns.
Some of the houses on the Kornati islands are in Robinson-like conditions, i.e. they do not share the standard of the apartments on the island of Murter. There is no water supply system or electricity. Instead of electrical ones, there are solar (12 V) and gas-lights, instead of an electrical fridge, there is a gas-operated one, instead of running tap water, there is rain-water from a storage tank. There is a solar shower in front of the house, using the heat of the sun.
The Kornati islands offer many ways you can enjoy yourself (swimming, fishing, scuba-diving, nature walks...), but you still need to bear in mind that this kind of holiday is first of all recommended to those who will enjoy this kind of life, and will not miss comforts of modern technology and city life.
To all of those who decide to rent a fishermen's house on the Kornati islands, we strongly recommend a rental of a small boat, which will enable you to get around and explore islets and bays nearby.

If you have made a reservation for some of the small houses on the Kornati islands from our programme, here is some information for you:
- Arrival to the agency in the morning (between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.) where you will check in (a passport or a personal ID required), agree on the payment method etc.
- Before leaving for the island, you need to do shopping and buy supplies for the whole week. Most of all, you need to buy enough food (non-perishable), drinks (although you can drink rain-water, most people prefer to take bottled water with them), essential medicine, petrol for the boat... If you are staying there longer than one week, you can order some supplies for the second week from Murter.
- After shopping for supplies, you will be transferred by car to the boat which will take you to the Kornati islands. After you put your luggage and supplies on board, you can park your car in the town of Murter, in the back yard of the owner of the house on Kornati.
- The trip to the Kornati is 2-3 hours long, depending on where the house you booked is located. The transfer is usually done by the owner of the house, who will also show you around and show you how to use certain appliances in the house (the fridge, the stove, the lights etc.).
- Each house on the Kornati islands is unique. There is a detailed description of each house on our web-site.
- The agency will provide you with their phone number, as well as the phone number of emergency services, so you could contact us in case of emergency. You need to give us your phone number as well, so we can stay in touch and arrange a further shipment of necessary supplies as well as details of your return.
- In houses with solar energy you can charge your mobile phones using a 12 V-charger, the same kind used in cars.

Accommodation can be found on websites:

Murter-Kornati - website specalized in island Murter and Kornati islands.
Arta-Adriatic - a website with a good offer of accommodation in Šibenik-Knin county riviera.

Accommodation in National park Kornati Accommodation in National park Kornati Accommodation in National park Kornati Accommodation in National park Kornati Accommodation in National park Kornati Accommodation in National park Kornati
Accommodation in National park Kornati Accommodation in National park Kornati Accommodation in National park Kornati Accommodation in National park Kornati Accommodation in National park Kornati Accommodation in National park Kornati

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